Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Word of the Year: "Essentializing"

The recent shift in the U.S. and world economy has had a remarkable effect on the human psyche.
It's as if we got a re-boot in our thinking and could start fresh like our ancestors.

We have entered the era of essentializing. I thought of that term when I saw the cover of a recent "Real Simple" magazine touting the essentials.

We are now in mode to be realistic about what we NEED vs. what we WANT.
The over-shoppers are having a reality check.
The house-fillers are wondering how they ever got so full.
Even the wealthy aren't spending money as if it grows on trees any longer.

I dare you all to take a moment and write down the top 25 things in your hierarchy of needs (Beyond the physiological needs, safety needs, and love ) and to pause and notice all the other stuff that fills your life that does more harm than good.

My top 10 things I would hate to live without:
In no particular order

  1. Nose strips - so I can breathe
  2. Medicine - I hate feeling sick. I like to treat the symptoms even if virus will go away by itself.
  3. Sneakers - comfortable shoes
  4. Photo albums - I like to make them and view them
  5. Mac computer - to get work done and be creative
  6. Television - cheapest entertainment around
  7. The occasional dinner out - for a change of scenery
  8. Trips to the beach - It's where I re-energize
  9. My dog and cat - I like the company of friends who don't talk back (( That's my dog Sasha at the beach>>>))
  10. Enough free time to be creative, do art, write, think
What's on your list??


Megan@Disorder2Order said...

I just love reading your blog Allison! I have to admit, I started a list and... it's hard.... to pick just 10 things... it's kind of like "what would you take if you were stranded on an island...

1. Coffee
2. My old lady sweater (it's ugly, but warm).
3. My camera
4. My Burts Bees Lip Balm Cocoa
5. My laptop (notice I didn't say MAC...)
6. A day off for just me and only me.
7. A good book... I haven't read a really good one in quite a while.
8. My husband, after all he is my best friend and I so enjoy time for just us...
9. Our convertible... nothing better than a sunny day with the top down.
10. My journal... I love talking to myself, what can I say...

P.S. 25 would be really hard!!!

Jeri Dansky said...

I'm sure my list would change from day to day, but here's the list as of this moment:

1. My cats.
2. My MacBook.
3. My blank book that I've been writing in for the last 40+ years, with things that are especially meaningful to me. My college roommate gave me this book as a gift before blank books became popular.
4. The painting my mom did when she was pregnant with me.
5. The coffee mug that holds my toothbrush; it's inspirational.
6. Books - if you made "photo albums" one thing, I can make "books" one thing, right? Unlike Megan, I'm lucky to have read a number of good ones lately.
7. The art work I picked up in my travels; if I had to pick just one piece, I guess it would be this one.
8. More artwork: the angel photos a dear friend gave to me years ago, that were framed by a very special person, too.
9. Right now, with it being winter, my new warm comforter.
10. Travels, especially abroad - to see old friends and new worlds.

Allison Spitzer Carter said...

OOOh your lists are so good. Now I want to change mine. I may just add on.
I love seeing Jeri's toothbrush mug!
-- Allison