Friday, October 24, 2008

Creative way to get kids to clean up

I've got to tell you I nearly fell off my chair laughing when my wonderfully sarcastic friend Amy told me this story of how she got her 10-year-old son to pick up his room.

Amy said, Jay, come up to your room. There's a get together.
We're having a party.

Of course he was curious and amused and quickly followed.

Once in the room, Amy said Jay, let me make some introductions.
Dirty clothes, meet the hamper.
Mr. Hamper, meet Mr. Underwear.
And Jay put the clothes in the hamper.
Jay, meet your drawers.
And she kept going around the room introducing items to Jay and the spot they belong.
She says he was laughing the whole way through.
Having a sense of humor about it took the stress out of getting Jay to do what needed to be done.
I might serve mocktails if they do a good job.

Have you tried using humor to motivate you or others to get organized?

-- Allison


Megan@Disorder2Order said...


I do that with my husband, although most times he isn't that amused. I like the idea of using humor, but for me it comes out as sarcastic.