Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creative Women

Creative women starting businesses are sometimes put off by the traditional, masculine approach.
Spreadsheets are NOT what many creative women want to talk about.
They want to discuss their ideas with friends and like-minded women.
They let their ideas percolate for a while before they're ready to create their baby and let it hatch.
If this sounds like you and you have a business or are looking to start one, you may want to know about the Ladies Who Launch and their Incubator.

LWL was started by women who wanted their business to grow organically from passion to profits. And they wanted to energize other women to do the same.
The incubator is the intense 4-week mind-meld for small groups to help one another grow and progress.

If you want to learn more about Ladies Who Launch, you can start by going to their BYOB - Bring Your Own Business events around the country. The Atlanta BYOB event is in November. The ladies will tell you all about their awesome experiences.

Make your dream a reality, grow your business, or just come get
connected and inspired through Ladies Who Launch's BYOB (Be Your Own
Boss) event in Atlanta Thursday, November 13, 2008.
Ladies Who Launch is THE source for entrepreneurial-minded women who
want to live their dreams and love their lives. LWL is a multiplatform
lifestyle company which defines entrepreneurship as a lifestyle choice
and connects women online and in person to foster creativity,
community, and support. For more info visit

Allison Carter, The Professional Organizer says, "Ladies Who Launch is
an amazing, empowering, and energizing group. If you feel stuck or
just want to connect with like-minded women, LWL is the place to be."


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Hey- thanks for the comment on my blog- that is my personal blog- you can also check my professional site out at I've added you to my feed- you're too funny!! Isn't it neat how we connect with people on Twitter?