Monday, September 29, 2008

No more ink cartridges

The end is in sight!
No more $50 ink cartridges.
No more plastic wasteful leftover cartridges to recycle.
Check out Zink - and zink paper - all the color is embedded IN the paper!

The price will no doubt be incredibly high to begin.
But I spend at least $600 a year on ink!!!
This is sooooo awesome.
I love technology.

Read more about the soon-to-be portable printer that is wireless and uses Zink.

-- Allison


fatfighter said...

Wow - that is crazy cool! Yes, ink cartridges are sooooo expensive, it's ridiculous. I will have to look into Zink - thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Sasha said...

Wow, that is amazing! I had heard about this technology but didn't get it until I saw the site. I will definitely consider this in the future. I have a whole bunch of old cartridges sitting in a drawer right now that I need to recycle.