Monday, September 1, 2008

Coaching for Creatives

I generally don't feel like I need coaching. I am a self starter. I set goals and reach them regularly.
But there is something calling me about Christina Merkley's upcoming tele-seminars for creatives.
She speaks to my overgrown child who still wants to play with coloring books.
She speaks to my inner cool-kid who wants to be taking the most unique and creative approach.
She speaks to my grown-up entrepreneur who is always questioning and doubting herself.
Take a look at her upcoming no-charge teleseminars:

I've been following Christina's career for a bit over a year now. She was a pioneer in the field of Graphic Facilitation - using pictures with words to capture a meeting and facilitate thought.
I wanted to put in a drawing to show you - but she is smart and protects them so you'll have to go to her website to see for yourself.

Now she has shifted her career to coaching - using the same visual principles she used as a facilitator.

My book, Color Me Organized, (inspired by visual practitioners) is my ongoing effort to capture the organizing process using graphics. My hope is that visual people will recognize and understand something because of the drawings that they otherwise don't "get."

If you have never taken a gander at visual practitioners at work there are many way-cool sites. Each practitioner has a different visual style, but the effect is the same: Pictures help visual people process and remember. Visual Practitioner organization

Center for Graphic Facilitation Blog

You tube video of facilitation in action

My local graphic facilitator who took the time to show me everything she knows.
Martha McGinnis