Thursday, September 18, 2008


Do you have so many ideas you don't know where to start?
Or are you staring at a blank page having trouble getting the first words on paper?

The trick to getting un-stuck is to start.
Start with anything.
Start writing about something you don't even intend to write about. Write about your cup of coffee.
Start painting anything. Paint your cup of coffee.
Start organizing something. Organize your coffee mugs.
When you take action, any action, it leads to inspiration.

Action comes before inspiration. (Thank you SARK for that juicy tidbit).

So if you're staring at a blank computer screen or a stack of papers to sift through, just start doing anything and the inspiration will begin to flow after a few minutes.
You'll see.
You know you're creative. It's just a matter of getting the juices flowing and the bubbles percolating again.

If you're worried about doing "it" right, forget perfect. There is no such thing and you know it.
But that is for another post.