Thursday, September 18, 2008

100 LESS THINGS - Sept 22

Monday September 22 begins the countdown - 100 days until the new year.
How is your de-cluttering goal coming along so far?

If you aren't where you want to be or just want more motivation to clear out some debris and sludge from your life, try this playful exercise.

Delete one item from your life every day through December 31.

It can be a slip of paper or an old vase you haven't used in years.
Toss, recycle, or donate one thing every day.
And in 100 days, you will have 100 less things.

As you de-clutter - you can leave comments here to tell us all what you have purged.
You can even take photos and send them and I'll post them.
Send to
-- Allison


fatfighter said...

What a great exercise - I totally need to try it! Must de-clutter.

Debbie T said...

I have taken this challenge in the past and it is amazing how when you declutter your life your mind declutters also. Sometimes we keep around things for the wrong reasons and they are from the wrong places/spaces in our life. Getting rid of that stuff is liberating! Write it down as you discard and it is habit forming!