Saturday, September 6, 2008

Email folders and labels for ideas

Right brainers have some different organizing needs that are often overlooked in the run-of-the-mill organizing books and articles. That's because many of them are written by lefties who don't feel compelled to save every idea for when they're ready to act on it.
And email and the internet are full of great idea triggers!!!

If you're an idea saver, how can you work with your need/desire to save?

1. Save based on what kind of idea it is
Make files or labels based on what you will most likely use the idea for.
For instance:

  • Book ideas
  • Article ideas
  • Painting ideas
  • Coaching ideas
  • Decor ideas
You get the gist. Then when you get an email you want to save, it has a place to go and sit until you're ready.

2. Save the ideas based on how soon you want to get to it. In this case you can make a limited number of files:
  • Act now (this week)
  • Soon (this month)
  • This year
  • Someday (these are just to have but don't have any urgency)
3. If you just don't like to file or tag much, dump all ideas into one big file called ideas and use your computer's search function.

Do you have another method that's working for you?


John Trosko said...

Nice blog design and congrats on the changeover-- I will update my site.. - John

Brandie Kajino said...

Great article! I use the "@" symbol to put some labels at the top. I also find that an "Urgent" label is good for things that must be done today before I retire for the evening.