Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Organized Artist/Author SARK

During my Creativity Consult with author SARK, I took the opportunity to ask her about her own organizing habits.
When she was in Atlanta on book tour I found out she was not only organized, she confessed to being ultra-organized, something that is hard for a creative person to own, because creatives are supposed to be messy and embrace messiness, right?
SARK loves being organized.

  • Her files are organized by topic and then alphabetically within the topic.
  • She organizes her address book by first name, which computers and phones are not very cooperative about.
  • She says she would rather do her winter clothing purge than go to a party!
  • She is Virgo rising for all you astrology followers out there - which she says indicates she is obsessed with detail.

We got to talking about junk drawers, and the point at which I just toss the crumbs of stuff into the trash. She told me a short story about her packrat parents. She would organize the junk drawer and throw out the stray paperclips and pennies.

But her father would go through the trash and emerge asking, " Do you know what I just found? A string, a paper clip, a rubberband and a penny! Do you know where I found them?"
She would answer, "in the trash."
She laughed thinking about it now.

By the way, SARK says she is planning to add these individual creativity consults to her business coming in January 2009. She's going to call it Couching with SARK, (instead of coaching - It tooke me a few minutes to get the play)

So you too can get inspired by the juicy artist/writer/coach.
Keep watching her website for more details.
Oh - do sign up for her newsletter. It's colorful and so fun to get each month.

There are a few other freebies on the site and one really silly spot - ask Jupiter (her cat)
If the Magic 8 Ball was a cat, what would the answer be when you asked it a question.

Find it in the the Sark Studio


Tanna said...

SARK's books and Julie Morgenstern's book Organizing from the Inside Out were my favorites before I even really knew what a PO was. SARK is so ispirational.