Sunday, December 14, 2008

About Organizing for Visual People

Lots of people I organize with say they are "visual" and want to have the fun, pretty things out where they can see them and enjoy their space.
Yesterday, working with a client, this became a slight sticking point because the area was utility shelves in her laundry room, which can be seen from the kitchen when the door is open.
Most of the items were kitchen roll-over items for entertaining, such as trays, bowls, casseroles, etc.
Even though the space was working fine, she didn't like how it looked!

So, when you don't like it, fix it.
We decided to weed out items she didn't need and take some lesser used items to a storage area so her utility shelves didn't look so "busy" and cluttered.

The first thing we did was take everything off so she could visualize the shelves with nothing on them.
Then we only put back up the things that she uses daily or weekly.
Then we put back up the things she uses monthly.
We did some arranging and re-arranging as we went along.
Now the things she uses only rarely (about 30%) we made a space for in her basement storage room. Her Christmas items, Easter platters, and odds and ends were on the way out so that the shelves looked more attractive.
We also found several items she didn't use at all and she was ready to give them to charity (even a gift from her son).
All this took less than an hour.

So what space are you living with even though you don't like how it looks?
Try removing 30% of the items and see if it looks less cluttery.
Send me a photo if you do!
-- Allison