Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Re-Gifting Rules for the Season

As a professional organizer, and rampant de-clutterer, I asked my followers on Twitter and facebook friends about re-gifting to see if people are all in agreement these days.
Our opinions are about the same - re-gifting is a great way to get things to the right person and declutter at the same time.

My Re-gifting Rules:
1. It's ok to re-gift if the recipient would really like it.
2. It's not ok to re-gift anything used
3. Mark your gifts you might re-gift with the name of the person who gave them to you so you don't mistakenly give them back or to friends or at same event.
4. Make fun of re-gifting by having a re-gifting party where you can only bring something you got and isn't right for you for whatever reason.
5. Never re-gift fruit cake
6. Never re-gift a partially used gift-card.
7. Repackage whenever possible (new wrapping) or you might leave an old card in by accident.

Twitter replies about re-gifting
Love to regift BUT some have to go to a worthy cause especially from my dear sister in law

I so agree with ur views on regifting something that hasn't been used &was not right for U but is "just right" for ur friend

Facebook replies:
So, regifting researcher . . . If someone gets, say a 2.5 lb can of gormet peanuts from a printer, but that someone doesn't eat nuts . . . is it in good taste to regift it to her client who is The Professional Organizer? :)

Depends on the gift - if it is something that you will never use and you give it to someone who can use the item, then I think it is a great idea.

Regifting.. there is nothing wrong with it as long as the person will like, enjoy or appreciate.
Agreed. In the spirit of recycling (and giving) - anything given to the right person for the right reason is OK. I think we should remove the stigma of used items completely, it was artificially drilled into us by retailers. I have a ton of Lincoln Logs and other such things that my kids have grown out of and can easily pass on to several ... Read Moregenerations.
I say - consider it the "green" thing to do. Maybe we can start a "Green Christmas Revolution." By the way - you're all getting socks with holes in them. :)

Depends on the motivation. If it's truly a matter of having a great gift around that you just aren't going to use but is perfect for somebody else, it can work. But if you're secretly trying to justify not spending money on somebody you don't like much by re-gifting, that's bad karma!

Hmmm, I haven't re-gifted, but I have donated several things I would never want or use to a charitiable thrift store nearby. (People, please don't give crap just to say you did something...know your friends and give them something appropriate.) But, if I did get something great but thought another friend could make better use of it, I think I would happily pass it on. (No passing on the dreaded fruitcake, and the like, though.) :)