Thursday, August 21, 2008

I got Butlerized!

From this to that -
I can't believe I finally took the plunge -- I plunked down a small chunk to get myself a purse that is beautiful AND functional.
After months and months of waffling I finally decided I couldn't take another day of my beautiful artsy iro purse (photo left). I love it for it's flowy lines and color but it just didn't have enough inner pockets for keeping all my stuff separated and easy to find.

So now - ta da - I got my Butler Bag
thanks to a sample sale (nearly 1/2 off - send me an email and I'll send you the link, and thanks to Monica Ricci and Monica Premo who luuuuuv em so much they want to marry them)
It is not only knock-out gorgeous on the outside (Orange is the new black), but it also has the fantastic original and ultimately organized interior design.. (Does the bin-thing have a name???)

What do you look for in a purse girls?
Shouldn't men carry bags? Wouldn't it be easier than stuffing their pockets? Or asking their gals for pens and other stuff that doesn't fit in a pocket?