Friday, August 15, 2008

Saving Light Bulb Moments

OK you've got a great idea - but you may not be in a place where you can really write it and track it.
LifeDev blog provides 25 great ways to capture your idea for later.
(organizing the ideas is a whole 'nother story)
For a long time my favorite has been to carry around a little spiral notebook in my purse.
For a while I switched to a palm, using the notes.
But my biggest problem was when I got ideas while driving (in a trance, "how did I get here") I didn't want to write and have an accident.
Now, if I'm out and about, I have use to call and email it to myself.
Good thing I'm allowed to make a call and drive in Georgia.

But what to do if you get a great idea in the shower!!
I seriously came up with the idea of a waterproof pen and paper set... but guess what...
It already exists. It's on the list!

What is your favorite way to capture ideas on the go?