Monday, August 18, 2008

Planning - Theme o' the Week

I'm a bit obsessed with planners for time management, mostly because I really stink at using most of them. Like many right brainers, I have particular preferences and most planners are made for lefties.
Lefties remember dates. Righties are more likely to remember a day of the week. I remember where the day is visually on a page (middle would likely be a wednesday)

Lefties are linear. Righties don't always think of days in a row but in chunks. (busy week, Which Monday is available)

Lefties can write in pencil (and write small enough to stay inside the lines.) Righties may want to write in colored pens to make the important dates stand out or just for more visual interest.

Lefties tend to be more consistent. Righties generally struggle with structure and consistency. So you may put everything on the calendar one week and then leave it at home the next. Or you might switch calendars often looking for the right fit.

So this week I am devoting the blog to interesting, funky, and off-beat planners that may work better for people who think Right. (pun intended)

This Chrono-notebook non-linear day planner allows you to write your to-dos and activities in a circular manner as if following an analog clock. It is a visual exercise that shows you where activities fall in the day and it's cool looking to-boot!
It will soon be available at Muji stores - home stores in Japan (and now NY City).


Organizing Specialist said...

Oh my! Have you been watching over my shoulder as I struggle with my planner? I've changed calendars so many times it would make your head spin! : )

My latest is Google Apps Calendar. Because I share it with others, it makes me more dicsiplined with it. Plus I love that can search on a client's name and find ALL the appt. dates in a list. Very cool and makes it worth the effort of inputting everything. I also can view it from the web anywhere with no synching. Yay!

It has some cons, like not much flexibility in how you print it out, and others, but I've yet to find a system without cons. LOL

Thanks for the affirmation and welcome to the world of blogging!

Check out my blog if you get a chance, I'll be posting new articles soon! I'll add you to my list of organizing blogs!

Debbie T said...

Love this blog. My husband is more left brain and I am discovery that I am more right (although I always thought I was more left). Reading this blog shows me, yet again, my right side is going strong! It also explains why hubby's and my organizing is very different!

Anonymous said...

Allison.. .this is SO me! I switch planners like Paris changes her clothes....

love the new blog... ever so niCHAY;)

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

Funny. I have already shared my feelings about planners with you. What I can say is I love both and it's sometimes a mood thing for me too.

I too do like the new site! So you!