Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Organized Writer

I have been a SARK follower for years and years.
I always imagined that she lived in a cluttered, messy, colorful, wild space full of toys and tzatchkes to give her inspiration (of course).
In her books, she is often discussing procrastination and avoidance...and how to avoid avoidance, so I just assumed she was disorganized.
So when I went to the book signing for her new book last night, I asked her. I wanted to know what her clutter issues were.
It was a big surprise to me to find out the truth:

She confessed to the crowd that she is coming out:
She is creative AND she is organized... like uber-organized!
She said, quote - " I am wildly creative AND organized."
"If I ever get married, it will be at someplace like The Container Store."
And this is from a woman who is about as right brainy as it gets!!

SARK also said she doesn't talk about it and I inferred that it is because being organized is sometimes mis-perceived as NOT being creative.

More organizing quotes from SARK, the queen of napping and juiciness:

On time: "There is no such thing as not enough time. It's an invention of the mind."

On perfectionism: "Allow it - then allow it to change form. Do more things badly and see that there is no consequence and no one cares."

On getting help from others: We can't solve the problem with the same mind that created the problem in the first place" - quoting Einstein's phrase:
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Photo is of SARK blessing me with her big purple crayon (as in Harold and the Purple Crayon.)
Between the rainbow and the blessing I just know I'm going to have an interesting year!